The History of a Legendary Night!

Relax Sundays started back in the fall of 2001. The creator of Relax Sundays wanted a place where his close group of friends could come together and wind down the weekend. A place where the music was genuine and the staff was not only friendly but pretty awesome. Where the drinks were not only good but cheap. They didn't want to be bothered by a dress code or a cover charge. A place where they could truly be themselves and relax. Little did they know that these requirements were exactly the right formula for one of the best nights in the New England area.

In a time before everyone had the internet on their phones, word of mouth spread rapidly. Relax Sundays quickly became a place where people from all over were coming to enjoy each others company and the music. It created a cult following of people who just wanted to be themselves, relax and enjoy one last hurrah before beginning the work week.

Relax Sundays is back! Come and experience the magic for yourselves beginning Sunday April 1st, 2012 and every Sunday after. All your senses will come alive!

That magical spark still exists.